Ultimate Performance Projects B.V.

Ultimate Performance Projects B.V. (UPP) is partner of Ultimate Promotion Partners Europe (UPPE).

UPP B.V. has been activated to anticipate on opportunities in the market that do not fit within UPPE's day-to-day operations. UPP carries out projects based on a customer's demand or a situation in the market. UPP then develops a specific application of an existing product or develops a completely new concept or product.

UPP uses available knowledge of its employees and UPPE's broad international network. Certain suppliers carry a wider product package than that UPPE uses or have machines and manpower which UPP uses to make a new product. That UPP has access to these products and/or production lines is because of the long-term relationship we have with all our suppliers and partners worldwide.


Ultimate Performance Projects complements UPPE's promotional package. Because of the wide range that UPPE offers to its customers, some brands come up with questions to think "out of the box" about new applications in their offer to their markets. An example is the Shop in Shop project that UPP has designed for Napoleon Grills.

Expertise, international marketing knowledge and creativity are basic characteristics that make UPP look at an assignment differently. Therefore creating a distinctive end result.


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